Notable public and private companies.

Entity["Company",name] or

represents an entity of type "Company".


gives the value of a specified property.


gives the value of a list of properties.


gives the value of a specified property modified by qualifier rules quali->vali.


gives the value of a property associated with a particular date specification.


represents a class of entities with values of propi defined by speci.

Sample Entities


  • AccountsPayableaccounts payable
    AccountsReceivableaccounts receivable
    AccumulatedDepreciationaccumulated depreciation
    AdditionalPaidInCapitaladditional paid in capital
    AssetsTurnoverassets turnover
    BeginningCashPositionbeginning cash position
    CapitalExpenditurecapital expenditures
    CashAndCashEquivalentscash and cash equivalents
    CashDividendsPaidcash dividends paid
    CashEquivalentscash equivalents
    CashFlowFromContinuingFinancingActivitiescash flow from continuing financing activities
    CashFlowFromContinuingInvestingActivitiescash flow from continuing investing activities
    CashFlowFromContinuingOperatingActivitiescash flow from continuing operating activities
    CashFlowFromDiscontinuedOperationcash flow from discontinued operation
    CashFromDiscontinuedFinancingActivitiescash from discontinued financing activities
    CashFromDiscontinuedInvestingActivitiescash from discontinued investing activities
    ChangeInAccruedExpensechange in accrued expense
    ChangeInInterestPayablechange in interest payable
    ChangeInInventorychange in inventory
    ChangeInPayablechange in payable
    ChangeInTaxPayablechange in tax payable
    ChangeInWorkingCapitalchange in working capital
    ChangesInCashchange in cash and cash equivalents
    ChangesInReceivableschange in receivables
    CommonSharescommon shares
    CommonStockcommon stock
    CommonStockIssuancecommon stock issuance
    CommonStockPaymentscommon stock payments
    CorporateStructurecorporate structure
    CostOfRevenuecost of revenue
    CurrentAccruedExpensescurrent accrued expenses
    CurrentAssetscurrent assets
    CurrentDebtcurrent debt
    CurrentLiabilitiescurrent liabilities
    CurrentNotesPayablecurrent notes payable
    CurrentRatiocurrent ratio
    DeferredAssetsdeferred assets
    DeferredCostsdeferred costs
    DeferredTaxAssetsdeferred tax assets
    DefunctDatedefunct date
    DepreciationAmortizationDepletiondepreciation amortization depletion
    DepreciationAndAmortizationdepreciation and amortization
    EBITearnings before interest and tax
    EBITDAearnings before interest tax depreciation and amortization
    Employeestotal employees
    EndCashPositionend cash position
    EntityClassesentity classes
    EntityTypeListentity type list
    EquityInvestmentsequity investments
    FinancialHealthGradefinancial health grade
    FinancialLeveragefinancial leverage
    FinancingCashFlowfinancing cash flow
    FormerNamesformer names
    FoundingDatefounding date
    FreeCashFlowfree cash flow
    GeneralAndAdministrativeExpensegeneral and administrative expense
    GoodwillAndOtherIntangibleAssetsgoodwill and other intangible assets
    GrossLoangross loan
    GrossMargingross margin
    GrossPPEgross properties plants and equipment
    GrossProfitgross profit
    GrowthGradegrowth grade
    HeldToMaturitySecuritiesheld to maturity securities
    Imagecompany logo
    IncomeTaxPayableincome tax payable
    InterestBearingDepositsAssetsinterest bearing deposits assets
    InterestBearingDepositsLiabilitiesinterest bearing deposits liabilities
    InterestExpenseinterest expense
    InterestExpenseNonOperatinginterest expense from non-operating activities
    InterestExpenseOperatinginterest expense from operating activities
    InterestIncomeinterest income
    InterestIncomeNonOperatinginterest income from non-operating activities
    InterestIncomeOperatinginterest income from operating activities
    InterestPayableinterest payable
    InventoryTurnoverinventory turnover
    InvestingCashFlowinvesting cash flow
    LongTermDebtlong-term debt
    LongTermDebtIssuancelong-term debt issuance
    LongTermDebtPaymentslong-term debt payments
    LongTermDebtTotalCapitalRatiodebt to capital ratio
    LongTermInvestmentslong-term investments
    MetropolitanAreametropolitan area
    MinorityInterestminority interest
    MoneyMarketInvestmentsmoney market investments
    NetBusinessPurchaseAndSalenet business purchase and sale
    NetIncomenet income
    NetIncomeCommonStockholdersnet income earned by common stockholders
    NetIncomeContinuousOperationsnet income from continuous operations
    NetIncomeDiscontinuousOperationsnet income from discontinuous operations
    NetIncomeExtraordinarynet income from extraordinary
    NetIncomeGrowthnet income growth
    NetIntangiblesPurchaseAndSalenet intangibles purchase and sale
    NetInterestIncomenet interest income
    NetInvestmentIncomenet investment income
    NetInvestmentPurchaseAndSalenet investment purchase and sale
    NetLoannet loan
    NetMarginnet margin
    NetNonOperatingInterestIncomeExpensenet non-operating interest income and expense
    NetOperatingInterestIncomeExpensenet operating interest income and expense
    NetPPEfixed assets
    NetPPEPurchaseAndSalenet purchase and sale of properties plants and equipments
    NetTechnologyPurchaseAndSalenet technology purchase and sale
    NonCurrentAccruedExpensesnon-current accrued expenses
    NonCurrentNoteReceivablesnon-current notes receivables
    NonInterestExpensenon-interest expense
    NonInterestIncomenon-interest income
    NotesReceivablenotes receivable
    OperatingCashFlowoperating cash flow
    OperatingExpenseoperating expense
    OperatingIncomeoperating income
    OperatingIncomeGrowthoperating income growth
    OperatingMarginoperating margin
    OperatingRevenueoperating revenue
    OtherFinancialInstrumentsother financial instruments
    OtherIncomeExpenseother income expense
    OtherIntangibleAssetsother intangible assets
    OtherShortTermInvestmentsother short-term investments
    OwnershipTypeownership type
    PostalCodepostal code
    PredecessorCompaniespredecessor companies
    PreferredStockpreferred stock
    PreferredStockDividendspreferred stock dividends
    PreferredStockIssuancepreferred stock issuance
    PreferredStockPaymentspreferred stock payments
    PretaxIncomepre-tax income
    ProfitabilityGradeprofitability grade
    PurchaseOfBusinesspurchase of business
    PurchaseOfEquitySecuritiespurchase of equity securities
    PurchaseOfFixedMaturitySecuritiespurchase of fixed maturity securities
    PurchaseOfIntangiblespurchase of intangibles
    PurchaseOfInvestmentpurchase of investment
    PurchaseOfLongTermInvestmentspurchase of long-term investments
    PurchaseOfPPEpurchase of properties plants and equipments
    PurchaseOfShortTermInvestmentspurchase of short-term investments
    PurchaseOfTechnologypurchase of technology
    ResearchAndDevelopmentresearch and development
    RetainedEarningsretained earnings
    RevenueGrowthrevenue growth
    RevenuePerEmployeerevenue per employee
    ROAreturn on assets
    ROEreturn on equity
    SaleOfBusinesssales of business
    SaleOfIntangiblessale of intangibles
    SaleOfInvestmentsales of investment
    SaleOfLongTermInvestmentssale of long-term investments
    SaleOfPPEsales of properties plants and equipments
    SaleOfShortTermInvestmentssales of short-term investments
    SalesOfEquitySecuritiessales of equity securities
    SalesOfFixedMaturitySecuritiessales of fixed maturity securities
    SellingAndMarketingExpenseselling and marking expense
    SellingGeneralAndAdministrationselling general and administration
    ShortTermDebtIssuanceshort-term debt issuance
    ShortTermDebtPaymentsshort-term debt payments
    StockholdersEquitystockholders equity
    SuccessorCompaniessuccessor companies
    TaxProvisiontax provision
    TotalAssetstotal assets
    TotalDebttotal debt
    TotalDepositstotal deposits
    TotalExpensestotal expenses
    TotalInvestmentstotal investments
    TotalLiabilitiestotal liabilities
    TotalNonCurrentAssetstotal non-current assets
    TotalNonCurrentLiabilitiestotal non-current liabilities
    TotalRevenuetotal revenue
    TotalTaxPayabletotal tax payable
    TradingLiabilitiestrading liabilities
    TradingSecuritiestrading securities
    TreasuryStocktreasury stock
    UnearnedIncomeunearned income
    WorkingCapitalworking capital


  • "Company" entities include public and private corporations in the US and 150 other countries.
  • Public companies registered with the SEC (the US Securities and Exchange Commission) have detailed company fundamentals data derived from corporate financial statements.
  • Some properties are available for the "Company" entity type as a whole and can be given using the form EntityValue["Company",property]. Such properties include:
  • "Properties"the list of available properties
    "PropertyCanonicalNames"the standard names of available properties
    "SampleEntities"a sample list of available entities (typically of length 10)
    "SampleEntityClasses"a sample list of available entity classes (typically of length 10)
    "EntityCount"number of entities available
    "Entities"the list of available entities
    "EntityCanonicalNames"the standard names of available entities
    "EntityClasses"the list of available entity classes
    "EntityClassCanonicalNames"the standard names of available entity classes
    "PropertyClasses"the list of available property classes
    "PropertyClassCanonicalNames"the standard names of available property classes
    "PropertyCount"number of properties available
  • The following annotations can be used in the third argument of EntityValue["Company",property,annotation]:
  • "Source"source information for the property
    "Date"the date associated with the entity-property value (if any)
    "EntityAssociation"an association of entities and entity-property values
    "PropertyAssociation"an association of properties and entity-property values
    "EntityPropertyAssociation"an association in which the specified entities are keys, and values are a nested association of properties and entity-property values
    "PropertyEntityAssociation"an association in which the specified properties are keys, and values are a nested association of entities and entity-property values
    "Dataset"a dataset in which the specified entities are keys, and values are an association of property names and entity-property values
  • The following annotations can be used in the second argument of EntityValue[property,annotation]:
  • "Qualifiers"the list of possible qualifiers for the property
    "QualifierValues"the list of possible values that can be given to each qualifier
    "DefaultQualifierValues"the list of default values for the property's qualifiers
    "Description"a brief textual description of the property
    "Definition"a detailed textual definition of the property
    "PhysicalQuantity"the physical quantity associated with the entity-property value
    "Unit"the unit associated with the entity-property value
  • A qualifier value of Automatic indicates that an applicable format of values can be used; e.g. for the "Date" qualifier, this includes a proper date or date span.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Use for entity discovery:

Find a property value for an entity:

Retrieve a dataset of all available properties for an entity:

Find the companies with the highest inventory value:

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Make a bar chart of company revenues: