Financial & Economic Data

The Wolfram Language has immediate built-in access to current and historical financial and economic data.

() request data using free-form linguistics

FinancialData current and historical stock, fund, index, currency, etc. data

"Price"  ▪  "CumulativeReturn"  ▪  "Volatility50Day"  ▪  "MarketCap"  ▪  "PERatio"  ▪  "EBITDA"  ▪  "DividendYield"  ▪  "SICCode"  ▪  ...

Company public and private companies with detailed historical fundamentals data

Financial Data Services »

ServiceExecute access external Bloomberg and Reuters financial data, feeds and entities

Country socioeconomic data and time series for all countries and territories

"GDP"  ▪  "ExportValue"  ▪  "FixedInvestment"  ▪  "ElectricityProduction"  ▪  "OilReserves"  ▪  ...

"CurrencyCode"  ▪  "CurrentUnit"  ▪  "ExchangeRate"  ▪  ...

AdministrativeDivision historical socioeconomic data for states, regions, provinces, etc.

CurrencyConvert convert between currencies

InflationAdjust compute historical inflation adjustments

DateListPlot plot a time series

MovingAverage  ▪  ExponentialMovingAverage  ▪  LinearModelFit

Blockchains »

BlockchainData data on Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. blockchains

BlockchainBlockData  ▪  BlockchainTransactionData