Financial & Economic Data

The Wolfram Language has immediate built-in access to current and historical financial and economic data.

() request data using free-form linguistics

FinancialData current and historical stock, fund, index, currency, etc. data

"Price"  ▪  "CumulativeReturn"  ▪  "Volatility50Day"  ▪  "MarketCap"  ▪  "PERatio"  ▪  "EBITDA"  ▪  "DividendYield"  ▪  "SICCode"  ▪  ...

Company public and private companies with detailed historical fundamentals data

Financial Data Services

ServiceExecute access external Bloomberg and Reuters financial data, feeds and entities

Country socioeconomic data and time series for all countries and territories

"GDP"  ▪  "ExportValue"  ▪  "FixedInvestment"  ▪  "ElectricityProduction"  ▪  "OilReserves"  ▪  ...

"CurrencyCode"  ▪  "CurrentUnit"  ▪  "ExchangeRate"  ▪  ...

AdministrativeDivision historical socioeconomic data for states, regions, provinces, etc.

CurrencyConvert convert between currencies

InflationAdjust compute historical inflation adjustments

DateListPlot plot a time series

MovingAverage  ▪  ExponentialMovingAverage  ▪  LinearModelFit


BlockchainData data on Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. blockchains

BlockchainBlockData  ▪  BlockchainTransactionData