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gives information about the blockchain transaction with ID txid on the blockchain specified by $BlockchainBase.


gives the specified property of the transaction.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (6)

Get information about a transaction from the Bitcoin blockchain:

Get information about a transaction from the Ethereum blockchain:

Get information about a transaction from the ARK blockchain:

Get data from multiple ARK transactions by providing a list of transaction IDs:

Get the Bitcoin block number where the transaction was included:

Get multiple properties from a Bitcoin transaction:

Options  (2)

BlockchainBase  (2)

Get information from a Bitcoin mainnet transaction:

Get information from an ARK devnet transaction:

Applications  (2)

Get information on the most recent Ethereum block:

Randomly select a transaction from this block:

Get detailed information for this transaction:

Convert the transaction amount to fiat currency using the current price:

Get the inputs and outputs of a Bitcoin transaction:

Inspect the locking script of the inputs:

And the unlocking scripts of the outputs:

Possible Issues  (2)

Nonexistent Hashes  (1)

Using a transaction ID from one blockchain in another blockchain will return a Missing["NotAvailable"] output:

Incorrect Hashes  (1)

Providing an invalid transaction ID will return a $Failed output:

Neat Examples  (1)

Use the Bitcoin blockchain:

Find the input script byte array for the coinbase transaction of block 416,236:

The raw bytes include some readable characters:

Introduced in 2018
Updated in 2019