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gives available information connected with the specified address on the default blockchain.


gives available information connected with properties matching the specification in assoc.

BlockchainAddressData[addressSpec, prop]

gives the specified property of the blockchain address.

Details and Options

  • The blockchain address can be specified as follows:
  • "address"address on the default blockchain
    "chain""address"address on the specified public blockchain
    {"chain","network"}"address"address on a specific network for a blockchain
  • The addressSpec input refers to any input, whether it is a String address or an Association assoc.
  • The option BlockchainBase can be used to specify the blockchain to use. The default setting is $BlockchainBase. If $BlockchainBase is Automatic, BlockchainBase is taken to be "Ethereum".
  • Possible options include:
  • BlockchainBaseAutomaticsets the blockchain and its network
    MaxItems20number of transactions to return


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Basic Examples  (7)

Get information about an Ethereum address on the main network:

Get information about a regular address from the ARK blockchain:

Specify the blockchain in the first argument:

Specify the blockchain and network in the first argument:

Get the balance of a specific Ethereum address:

Get the username of an ARK address:

Get multiple properties from an ARK address:

Options  (3)

BlockchainBase  (2)

Check a Bitcoin address on the main network:

Get information from a delegate in the ARK devnet:

MaxItems  (1)

List the last 10 transactions for an Ethereum address:

Applications  (1)

Get the "ValueInUSDollars" property of a specific Ethereum address:

Convert the amount to another currency:

Introduced in 2019