is an option for various blockchain functions that specifies which blockchain to use.


  • The default setting for BlockchainBase is $BlockchainBase.
  • Possible settings for BlockchainBase include:
  • "Bitcoin" , {"Bitcoin","Mainnet"}Bitcoin mainnet blockchain
    {"Bitcoin","Testnet"}Bitcoin testnet blockchain
    "Ethereum", {"Ethereum","Mainnet"}Ethereum mainnet blockchain
    {"Ethereum","Testnet"}Ethereum testnet blockchain
    "ARK"ARK mainnet blockchain
    {"ARK","Devnet"}ARK devnet blockchain
    {"MultiChain","Wolfram"}Wolfram-maintained blockchain


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use the {"MultiChain","Wolfram"} blockchain:

Use the Bitcoin blockchain:

Use the Ethereum blockchain:

Use the ARK blockchain:

Get the last block of the Bitcoin testnet blockchain:

Scope  (3)

Bitcoin, Ethereum or ARK mainnet networks can also be specified explicitly:

Get data from the Bitcoin testnet:

Get data from the ARK devnet:

Possible Issues  (1)

Getting transaction information from the Bitcoin testnet using a transaction ID from the mainnet network will return a Missing[NotAvailable] output:

Introduced in 2018