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represents a blockchain transaction built from the components in the association assoc.

Details and Options

  • BlockchainTransaction gives a symbolic representation of a blockchain transaction; it does not submit the transaction, and the transaction is not signed.
  • BlockchainTransaction[][prop] gives the value of the property prop for the transaction.
  • To specify a transaction, the following element must be given in the association:
  • "BlockchainBase"blockchain base to use


Basic Examples  (7)

Create a Bitcoin transaction object representing a Pay-to-Public-Key-Hash transaction:

Create an Ethereum transaction object to send ether:

Create an ARK transaction object representing a "Transfer" transaction:

Create a bloxberg transaction object to send bergs:

Create a Tezos transaction object representing a "Transaction" operation:

Create a "Transaction" Tezos operation and specify a baker fee:

Create a "Delegation" Tezos operation. The elements that are not specified use automatic values:

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