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Notable metropolitan or urban areas.

Entity["MetropolitanArea",name] or

represents an entity of type "MetropolitanArea".


gives the value of a specified property.


gives the value of a list of properties.


gives the value of a specified property modified by qualifier rules quali->vali.


gives the value of a property associated with a particular date specification.


represents a class of entities with values of propi defined by speci.

Sample Entities

Sample Entity Classes


  • ActiveHomeListingCountactive home listings
    AggregateHomeValueaggregate home value
    AggregateHomeValue15To24aggregate home value, householder 15 to 24 years
    AggregateHomeValue25To34aggregate home value, householder 25 to 34 years
    AggregateHomeValue35To64aggregate home value, householder 35 to 64 years
    AggregateHomeValue65aggregate home value, householder 65 years and over
    AggregateHouseholdIncomeaggregate household income
    AlternateNamesalternate names
    AverageHomeListingPriceaverage home listing price
    CivilianLaborForcecivilian labor force
    CivilianUnemploymentRatecivilian unemployment rate
    EntityClassesentity classes
    EntityTypeListentity type list
    GiniIndexGini index
    HasPolygonhas polygon?
    HousePriceIndexFHFA home price index
    HousePriceIndexAnnualAverageFHFA home price index annual average
    HousingAffordabilityhousing affordability index
    HousingPermithousing permits
    HousingPriceIncreasedCounthome listings with increased price
    HousingPriceReducedCounthome listings with reduced price
    HousingStartshousing starts
    LandArealand area
    MedianAgemedian age
    MedianDaysOnHousingMarketmedian home listing time on market
    MedianHomeListingPricemedian home listing price
    MedianHomeListingPricePerSquareFeetmedian home listing price per square foot
    MedianHomeSalePricemedian home sale price
    MedianHomeSizeInSquareFeetmedian home size
    MedianHomeValuemedian home value
    MedianHouseholdIncomemedian household income
    NaturalPopulationChangeEstimatesbirths and deaths
    NetDomesticMigrationEstimatesnet domestic migration
    NetInternationalMigrationEstimatesnet international migration
    NetMigrationEstimatesnet migration
    NewHomeListingCountnew home listings
    NumberOfHomesnumber of owneroccupied housing units
    OfficialNamefull name
    PendingHomeListCountpending home listings
    PeopleBornInMetroAreanotable people born in metro area
    PeopleDiedInMetroAreanotable people who died in metro area
    PerCapitaIncomeper capita income
    PerCapitaPersonalIncomeper capita personal income
    PopulationByEducationalAttainmentpopulation by educational attainment
    PopulationByGeographicalMobilitypopulation by migration in previous 12 months
    PopulationByLanguageSpokenAtHomepopulation by language spoken at home
    PopulationByMaritalStatuspopulation by marital status
    PopulationByPovertyStatuspopulation by poverty status
    PopulationBySchoolEnrollmentpopulation by school enrollment
    PopulationChangeEstimatespopulation change
    PopulationDensitypopulation density
    ResidualPopulationChangeEstimatesresidual population change
    SubTypesub type
    UnweightedSampleHousingUnitsunweighted sample housing units
    UnweightedSamplePopulationunweighted sample population
    ZIPCodesZIP codes


  • "MetropolitanArea" entities include all core-based statistical areas in the US and Puerto Rico and other large metropolitan areas in the rest of the world.
  • "MetropolitanArea" entity classes are grouped by country.
  • Some properties are available for the "MetropolitanArea" entity type as a whole and can be given using the form EntityValue["MetropolitanArea",property]. Such properties include:
  • "Properties"the list of available properties
    "PropertyCanonicalNames"the standard names of available properties
    "SampleEntities"a sample list of available entities (typically of length 10)
    "SampleEntityClasses"a sample list of available entity classes (typically of length 10)
    "EntityCount"number of entities available
    "Entities"the list of available entities
    "EntityCanonicalNames"the standard names of available entities
    "EntityClasses"the list of available entity classes
    "EntityClassCanonicalNames"the standard names of available entity classes
    "PropertyClasses"the list of available property classes
    "PropertyClassCanonicalNames"the standard names of available property classes
    "PropertyCount"number of properties available
  • The following annotations can be used in the third argument of EntityValue["MetropolitanArea",property,annotation]:
  • "Source"source information for the property
    "Date"the date associated with the entity-property value (if any)
    "EntityAssociation"an association of entities and entity-property values
    "PropertyAssociation"an association of properties and entity-property values
    "EntityPropertyAssociation"an association in which the specified entities are keys, and values are a nested association of properties and entity-property values
    "PropertyEntityAssociation"an association in which the specified properties are keys, and values are a nested association of entities and entity-property values
    "Dataset"a dataset in which the specified entities are keys, and values are an association of property names and entity-property values
  • The following annotations can be used in the second argument of EntityValue[property,annotation]:
  • "Qualifiers"the list of possible qualifiers for the property
    "QualifierValues"the list of possible values that can be given to each qualifier
    "DefaultQualifierValues"the list of default values for the property's qualifiers
    "Description"a brief textual description of the property
    "Definition"a detailed textual definition of the property
    "PhysicalQuantity"the physical quantity associated with the entity-property value
    "Unit"the unit associated with the entity-property value
  • A qualifier value of Automatic indicates that an applicable format of values can be used; e.g. for the "Date" qualifier, this includes a proper date or date span.


Basic Examples  (4)

Use for entity discovery:

Find a property value for an entity:

Retrieve a dataset of all available properties for an entity:

Find the five largest metropolitan areas in France: