is an option to PieChart and related functions that specifies where sectors should start.


  • Basic settings for SectorOrigin include:
  • Automaticdetermine the position of the first sector automatically
    Left,Right,Top,Bottomstart the first sector in the specified direction
    θstart the first sector θ radians from the positive x axis
  • SectorOrigin->θ specifies that the first sector should begin at angle θ counterclockwise from the positive axis.
  • By default, sectors are added clockwise starting from the first sector.
  • SectorOrigin->{pos,sense} specifies the sense in which sectors should be added. Possible values are -1 (or "Clockwise") and 1 (or "Counterclockwise").
  • For donut-like charts, SectionOrigin->{{pos,sense},r} specifies that sectors should have inner radius r.
  • In PieChart and PieChart3D, r gives the fraction of the width of the annulus for each sector.
  • In SectorChart and SectorChart3D, r is in the same units as the radial component of data.


Basic Examples  (3)

Use SectorOrigin to indicate a donut chart:

Control the initial angle used for sectors:

Control the direction in which sectors are added:

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