is an option to PieChart and related functions that specifies radial spacing of sectors.


  • SectorSpacing determines the spacing between concentric sectors for different datasets. It also determines the default popout distance when sectors are clicked.
  • The following settings can be given for SectorSpacing:
  • Automaticautomatically determine sector spacing
    Noneuse no sector spacing
    Tiny,Small,Medium,Largeuse preset sector spacings
    suse sector spacing s
    {sp,sc}use popout spacing sp and concentric spacing sc
  • In PieChart and PieChart3D, si is measured as a fraction of the radial width of sectors.
  • In SectorChart and SectorChart3D, si is in the same units as the radial component of data.


Basic Examples  (1)

Control the spacing between annular regions:

For 3D pie charts:

Introduced in 2008