represents an editable form in a notebook, with structure specified by struct and current values specified by assoc.


represents a form in a notebook in which current values are given by the dynamically updated value of x.


  • The structure struct can be specified as in FormObject or can be a complete FormObject[] expression.
  • Values in the displayed form can be edited without affecting values in FormControl[]. The values in FormControl[] are updated only when the Submit button is clicked.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Dynamically update a variable using a FormControl:

Use the full FormObject specification for better control over the appearance of the FormControl:

Scope  (1)

The first argument of FormControl does not need to be a Dynamic expression:

But if the first argument is not an association with the right keys, the FormControl will not render:

Properties & Relations  (2)

Manipulate automatically uses FormControl when given a FormObject:

You can use ControlType to specify FormControl for a given field in Manipulate:

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