plots the waveform of audio.


plots waveforms of all audioi.

Details and Options

  • AudioPlot returns a single graphic showing the waveform corresponding to channels of audio.
  • AudioPlot has the same options as Graphics, with the following additions and changes:
  • AppearanceAutomaticappearance of the plot
    AspectRatio1/6the aspect ratio of the plot
    Axes{True,False}whether to draw axes
    AxesOrigin{0,0}where axes should cross
    ColorFunctionAutomatichow to determine the coloring of waveforms
    ColorFunctionScalingFalsewhether to scale color function arguments
    FrameTruewhether to put a frame around the plot
    MaxPlotPointsAutomaticmaximum number of samples to show
    PlotLayoutAutomaticthe layout to be used
    PlotRangeAutomaticrange of values to include
    PlotRangeClippingTruewhether to clip at the plot range
    PlotStyleAutomaticthe styles in which objects are to be drawn
    PlotTheme$PlotThemeoverall theme for the plot
  • Possible settings for the Appearance option include:
  • "Continuous"continuous plot
    "Discrete"discrete plot
    "ContinuousAbs"continuous plot of absolute values
    "DiscreteAbs"discrete plot of absolute values
  • The plot layout can be specified as PlotLayout->{individual,combination}, where individual specifies the layout for each audio object, and combination specifies how to combine multiple audio objects.
  • Possible settings for individual include:
  • "Averaged"waveform of the average of the channels
    "Overlaid"overlaid waveforms of the channels
    "Vertical"waveform of channels in a vertical grid
  • Possible settings for combination layouts include:
  • "Overlaid"overlaid waveforms of the audio objects
    "Vertical"grid waveforms of objects in a vertical grid
  • PlotRange supports the following special settings:
  • t{{0,t},Automatic}plot the first t seconds
    {t1,t2}{{t1,t2},Automatic}plot the waveform from t1 to t2 seconds
  • The time specification ti can also be a time quantity (e.g. Quantity[0.1,"Minutes"]) or sample quantity (e.g. Quantity[1000,"Samples"]).


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Basic Examples  (3)

Waveform of a mono audio object:

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Waveform of a stereo audio object:

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Plot a list of audio signals:

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Introduced in 2016