plots the spectrogram of list.


uses partitions of length n.


uses partitions with offset d.


applies a smoothing window wfun to each partition.


pads partitions with zeros to length m prior to the computation of the transform.


plots the spectrogram of audio.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Spectrogram of a chirp signal:

Spectrogram of an audio signal:

Scope  (1)

Use a specific window size and offset:

By default, a suitable window size and offset is chosen:

Use smaller window size to reduce the frequency resolution:

Use larger window size to improve the frequency resolution:

Specify the smoothing window function:

No smoothing:

Options  (7)

ColorFunction  (1)

Use a built-in color gradient as the color function:

Use an arbitrary color function:

Method  (1)

By default, frequency is shown using linear scaling:

Use mel frequency scaling:

PlotRange  (4)

PlotRange->Automatic automatically computes the frequency range to display:

This is equivalent to PlotRange->{All,Automatic,All}:

Show the full spectrogram:

Zoom into a specific part of the spectrogram:

Use PlotRange->{min,max} to control the frequency range of the spectrogram:

Specify range of frequencies:

Specify maximum frequency:

SampleRate  (1)

Specify the sampling rate of the data:

Applications  (3)

Spectrogram of a sound signal:

Spectrogram of an impulsive sound:

Spectrogram of an image:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Create a spectrogram from the SpectrogramArray:

Comparison with the default Spectrogram output:

Neat Examples  (1)

Sound and spectrogram of dual-tone for Wolfram Research customer service number:

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