returns a list of audio objects where all audioi are made to have conforming properties, including duration, data type, and number of channels.


returns all audio objects of the specified spec.

Details and Options

  • ConformAudio is typically used as a preprocessing step to algorithms that need audio objects that are uniform in some way, such as classification, dimensionality reduction, and assembling into bigger audio objects.
  • Audio specification spec can be one of the following:
  • audiotake the conforming properties from audio
    durationduration given in seconds
    audiotypeaudio type as in AudioType
    {spec1,spec2,}specification for multiple properties
  • By default, the smallest audiotype that can represent the data stored in all audioi is used.
  • ConformAudio[{audio1,audio2,}] pads all audio to the duration of the longest audioi.
  • ConformAudio has the same options as Audio with the following additions and changes:
  • AudioOutputDeviceAutomaticdefault audio output device to use for playback
    SampleRateAutomaticsampling rate
    Padding0padding method available in AudioPad
  • By default, SampleRate->Automatic takes the highest sample rate in all audioi.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Conform a list of audio objects:

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The properties of the result are conformed:

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Introduced in 2016
Updated in 2017