is an option for URLRead, HTTPRequest, and related functions that gives a function to apply to each cookie received when an HTTP response is received.


  • CookieFunction->f applies f to the association that represents each received cookie.
  • CookieFunction->Automatic is equivalent to CookieFunction->SetCookies.
  • CookieFunction->None effectively blocks all cookies.
  • The entries in the association for a given cookie are:
  • "Domain"domain for the cookie
    "Path"path restriction within the domain
    "Name"name of the cookie
    "Content"content of the cookie
    "ExpirationDate"when the cookie is set to expire
    "CreationDate"when the cookie was created
    "AllowSubdomains"whether to send cookies to subdomains (HostOnly)
    "ConnectionType"for what connection type the cookie should be sent (Secure)
    "ScriptAccessible"whether cookie is accessible from JavaScript etc. (HttpOnly)
  • CookieFunction is effectively applied to the "Cookies" entry in an HTTPResponse object.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Echo received cookies:

No cookies are set:

The default value of Automatic holds received cookies:

Cookies are now set:

Applications  (1)

Create a function that echoes received cookies and stores them for later use:

The cookie is now stored in $Cookies:

On subsequent calls to the domain, the cookie will not be reset:

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