deletes the first t seconds of audio.


deletes the last t seconds of audio.


deletes from time t1 to time t2, returning the remaining audio as a single Audio object.


deletes multiple time intervals.


  • AudioDelete can be used to remove uninteresting parts of an audio sample, e.g. silence.
  • The time t can be any of the following:
  • ttime given in seconds
    Quantity[t,"unit"]time given in "unit" compatible with seconds
    Quantity[t,"Samples"]time given as number of samples


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Basic Examples  (2)

Delete from the beginning of an audio signal:

Delete from the middle:

Scope  (3)

Delete last two seconds of an Audio object:

Delete multiple intervals:

Time given as a number is assumed to be in seconds:

Specify a time quantity:

Specify the time as the number of samples:

If the specified intervals overlap, their union is deleted:

Applications  (1)

Delete silent intervals:

Introduced in 2016