gives a list of users currently subscribed to the specified channel.


gives a list of subscribed users for each of the channels channeli.

Details and Options

  • In ChannelSubscribers[channel], channel can be specified as a channel object or in any of the forms used inside ChannelObject.
  • You must have execute permission on a channel to receive a list of subscribers.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create a channel, subscribe to it, and get a subscriber list:


The channel no longer has subscribers:

Delete the channel:

Scope  (2)

Start listening on a channel and get the subscriber list by channel name:


Subscriber lists for two channels:


Delete the channels:

Get subscribers by ChannelObject:


Delete the channel:

Applications  (2)

Create a few channels and start listening on them:

List the users currently listening on each of the channels that you own:

Associate channels with channel users:

Delete the new channels:

Start listening on some channels and find who is listening with you:

Delete the channels, which removes the listeners:

Introduced in 2016