concatenates all audioi and returns an audio object.


inserts ti seconds of silence after each audioi.

Details and Options

  • In AudioJoin[{{audio1,t1},{audio2,t2},}], if any of the ti are negative, audioi+1 overlaps audioi by ti seconds and the overlapped values are added.
  • All audioi are conformed to have the same data type, number of channels, and sample rate.
  • AudioJoin can take a SampleRate option to specify the sample rate of the resulting Audio object.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Join audio objects:

Spectrogram of the joined signals:

Specify some silence between audio objects:

Spectrogram of the joined signals:

Scope  (4)

Control the separation between the Audio objects to be joined:

If a ti is negative, then audioi+1 will overlap with audioi:

Join audio objects with different types:

When joining audio objects with different sample rates, the larger sample rate is used:

Join audio objects with a different number of channels:

Options  (1)

SampleRate  (1)

The SampleRate option can be used to control the sample rate of the result:

Applications  (1)

Obtain a looping effect:

Introduced in 2016