"s1"<>"s2"<>, StringJoin["s1","s2",], or StringJoin[{"s1","s2",}]

yields a string consisting of a concatenation of the s_(i).


Background & Context


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Basic Examples  (2)

Join strings:

Use InputForm to show string quotes:

All lists are ignored:

Scope  (3)

StringJoin works with special characters:

Join strings, with a newline in between:

StringJoin preserves formatting information embedded in strings:

Applications  (4)

Iteratively join a string to its reverse:

Find trigrams in a string:

Join a list of words, after inserting spaces in between:

Create a Champernowne number:

Properties & Relations  (1)

StringJoin acts as a kind of inverse to Characters:

Possible Issues  (1)

StringJoin works only with explicit strings:

Use ToString to convert to a string:

Introduced in 1988