represents a feature extractor function generated by FeatureExtraction.

Details and Options

  • FeatureExtractorFunction works like Function.
  • FeatureExtractorFunction[][data] extracts features from data.
  • FeatureExtractorFunction[][{data1,data2,}] extracts features from each of the datai.
  • FeatureExtractorFunction[][data,prop] gives the specified property of the feature extraction associated with data.
  • Possible properties include:
  • "ExtractedFeatures"features extracted from data (default)
    "OriginalData"deduce original data from extracted features
    "ReconstructedData"extraction and inverse extraction of data
  • The following options can be given:
  • PerformanceGoalAutomaticaspects of performance to try to optimize
    RandomSeeding1234what seeding of pseudorandom generators should be done internally
  • Possible settings for RandomSeeding include:
  • Automaticautomatically reseed every time the function is called
    Inheriteduse externally seeded random numbers
    seeduse an explicit integer or strings as a seed


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Basic Examples  (1)

Train a FeatureExtractorFunction on a simple dataset:

Extract features from a new example:

Extract features from a list of examples:

Attempt to obtain the original data from the extracted features:

Scope  (2)

Some feature extractors can only perform an approximation of the inverse extraction:

The FeatureExtraction property "ReconstructedData" can be used to obtain the data after extraction and reconstruction:

Some feature extractors cannot be inverted:

Train a feature extractor from a dataset that contains missing values:

The feature extractor now indicates that missing values are imputed. The feature extractor can extract features even when values are missing:

Introduced in 2016
Updated in 2017