"ArXiv" (Service Connection)

Connect to the arXiv API using the Wolfram Language to search for electronic preprints in a variety of scientific disciplines.

Connecting & Authenticating

ServiceConnect["ArXiv"] creates a connection to the arXiv.org API.


ServiceExecute["ArXiv","request",params] sends a request to the arXiv.org API, using parameters params. The following give possible requests.

Search Articles


"Search" search for articles and filter them by author, title, ID, etc.

  • "Query"Nonea general query string or list of rules defining filters on various fields ("All", "Title", "Author", "Abstract", "Comment", "JournalReference", "Category", "ReportNumber")
    "ID"Nonea string ID or list of string IDs
    MaxItems10maximum number of results to return
    "StartIndex"1start index
    "SortBy"Nonefield to sort by ("DateUpdated", "DateSubmitted")
    "SortOrder""Descending"sort direction ("Ascending", "Descending")
  • Either "Query" or "ID" parameters must be provided. If both are provided, each article in the "ID" parameter that matches "Query" will be returned.

    Filter Articles by Field


    "TitleSearch" search for articles by title

    "AuthorSearch" search for articles by author

    "AbstractSearch" search for articles by abstract

    "CommentSearch" search for articles by comment

    "JournalReferenceSearch" search for articles by journal reference

    "CategorySearch" search for articles by subject category

    "ReportNumberSearch" search for articles by report number

  • "Query"Nonestring or list of strings to search by
    MaxItems10number of elements to return
    "StartIndex"1start index
    "SortBy"Nonefield used for sorting ("DateUpdated", "DateSubmitted")
    "SortOrder""Descending"sorting direction used ("Ascending", "Descending")
  • List of Categories


    "CategoryList" search for valid categories to use in "CategorySearch"

  • "Query"Allquery terms
  • Notes & Issues

    When using "Query" parameters, a list of rules represents the AND operator, using Except in one of those rules represents the ANDNOT operator, and using Alternatives represents the OR operator.


    Basic Examples  (1)

    Create a new connection by launching an authentication dialog:

    Search for articles using a simple query:

    Search using fields and logic operators. In this case, articles that include "Gravitational" or "Atoms" in the title:

    Search using a list of known article IDs:

    Search by author:

    Search by journal reference:

    Get a list of categories related to physics:

    Search by category: