Configure your Amazon Web Services account with resources needed to submit batch jobs.

Sign up for an AWS account

If you do not already have an Amazon Web Services account, you can create one by following the instructions on TemplateBox[{{this,  , page}, {URL[], None},, HyperlinkActionRecycled, {HyperlinkActive}, BaseStyle -> {Hyperlink}, HyperlinkAction -> Recycled}, HyperlinkTemplate].

Create a stack from the CloudFormation template

Click this link to open CloudFormation in the AWS console with the template preloaded and fill in the template parameters according to the descriptions in the stack creation form:

  • Depending on your use case, you may be able to leave most or all of the fields at their default settings.
  • If you wish to examine or modify the template source, you can download it directly at this link.

Copy the submission environment expression

Once the stack has been fully created, navigate to the Outputs tab and copy the submission environment output to a notebook:

This environment can now be used to submit batch jobs:

  • You may wish to save your RemoteBatchSubmissionEnvironment expression in $DefaultRemoteBatchSubmissionEnvironment in order to enable the convenience syntaxes of RemoteBatchSubmit and RemoteBatchMapSubmit.
  • Query the jobs status:

    Download the jobs output:

  • For more information on submitting and manipulating jobs, see the reference page for the "AWSBatch" provider.
  • Notes
    A CloudFormation stack and the resources it contains can be cleaned up and deleted at any time using the Delete button in the CloudFormation console. The job data S3 bucket in the stack will be deleted only if it is empty.