is an option for Dataset that specifies which items to hide.


  • The settings for HiddenItems can be given as follows:
  • ihide the item at position i
    {i1,i2,,in}hide the items at positions ik
    {,iFalse,}show the item at position i
    {,iTrue,}hide the item at position i
  • Positions can be patterns.
  • The position of an item can be read at the bottom of a dataset when you hover over the item.
  • If the left-hand side of a rule is not a list, the setting is applied to any position that contains the left-hand side as a key or index.
  • A pure function f that returns True or False can be used in place of any value. The setting is given by f[item,position,dataset].
  • Items can be hidden interactively by choosing Hide from an item's context menu.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Hide a row:

Hide a column:

Hide all items whose position contains 2:

Scope  (2)

Hide an entire row with the exception of one item:

Hide all but one row and column:

Generalizations & Extensions  (3)

Use a pattern in a position:

Hide items based on their value:

Hide items based on their positions:

Introduced in 2020