represents a button that copies expr whenever it is clicked.


displays with label on the button.


  • expr can be any Wolfram Language expression.
  • ClickToCopy[Defer[expr]] creates a button that displays and copies the unevaluated form of expr.
  • ClickToCopy[expr] typically renders with different margins than expr to accommodate hover behaviors.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Create a button that copies the given string when clicked:

Create a click-to-copy typeset expression:

Create a click-to-copy graphic:

Create several buttons for copying items individually:

Scope  (2)

Create a click-to-copy button with a label:

Create a button for copying an expression without evaluating it:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Use RawBoxes to synthesize a box expression for copying:

Copy nondefault expression formatting:

Specify an object that copies with an appearance different from its interpretation:

Possible Issues  (2)

ClickToCopy prevents selecting pieces of the result with the mouse, but the arrow keys can still be used to navigate the output:

Controls within a ClickToCopy output will not be accessible to mouse events:

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