Dialog Boxes

The Wolfram Language's unified symbolic architecture makes it incredibly easy to create dialog boxes that range from the straightforward to the highly elaborate and customized. Every dialog box is a notebook with arbitrary layout and styling, in which arbitrary actions defined by Wolfram Language programs can immediately be applied through the Dynamic mechanism.

MessageDialog put up a dialog box to display a message

ChoiceDialog put up a dialog box with buttons to make choices

DialogInput put up a dialog and return what is supplied to DialogReturn

CreateDialog put up a dialog, but let Wolfram Language evaluation continue

DialogNotebook create a custom dialog window

Input, InputString get input from a simple dialog box

SystemDialogInput get input through system dialog boxes (files, colors, sound, ...)

AuthenticationDialog put up a dialog to request authentication credentials


DefaultButton  ▪  CancelButton  ▪  ChoiceButtons  ▪  Button

DialogReturn close a dialog, possibly returning a value

ClickToCopy copy the given expression to the clipboard when clicked

Controls »

Checkbox  ▪  PopupMenu  ▪  SetterBar  ▪  InputField  ▪  ProgressIndicator  ▪  RadioButton  ▪  RadioButtonBar  ▪  FileNameSetter  ▪  ColorSetter  ▪  ...

Layout & Organization »

Text  ▪  Grid  ▪  Panel  ▪  Item  ▪  Enabled  ▪  TabView  ▪  OpenerView  ▪  ...

Annotation & Labeling

Tooltip  ▪  Labeled  ▪  Text  ▪  Graphics  ▪  WindowTitle

Modal specify whether a dialog box is modal to the front end