brings up an interactive system dialog and returns the value chosen in the dialog.


uses init as the initial setting in the dialog.

Details and Options

  • Possible types include:
  • "Color"color picker dialog
    "Directory"directory dialog
    "FileOpen"file open dialog
    "FileSave"file save dialog
    "RecordAudio"record audio dialog
    "RecordSound"record sound dialog
  • When SystemDialogInput is evaluated, the Wolfram System stops until the dialog has been dismissed, and a result returned.
  • If the dialog is canceled, SystemDialogInput returns $Canceled.
  • Many dialog types allow the option WindowTitle to be given.
  • For "FileOpen" and "FileSave", filters for files can be specified in the form SystemDialogInput[,{init,{"type1"->{"patt11","patt12",},"type2"->{},}}], analogous to FileNameSetter.
  • "RecordSound" is not supported on all platforms.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Put up a system color picker dialog, returning the color picked:

Put up a system file open dialog, returning the name of the file chosen:

Use the system sound recording dialog:

Scope  (4)

Specify a file as the suggested file name:

Specify a suggested directory and file name:

Restrict the files shown to be Wolfram System notebooks:

Specify file types and patterns:

Options  (1)

WindowTitle  (1)

Change the default window title:

Applications  (1)

Automatically generate a reminder to save every seconds:

Properties & Relations  (1)

FileNameSetter also opens and saves files, but waits for a click from the user:

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