represents a pair of OK and Cancel buttons that close a dialog.


represents OK and Cancel buttons that evaluate the corresponding acti when clicked.


uses the lbli to label the buttons.


  • ChoiceButtons arranges OK and Cancel buttons in the conventional order for the current computer system.
  • ChoiceButtons[{lbl1,lbl2},{act1,act2},{opts1,opts2}] gives separate options for each button.
  • ChoiceButtons[lbls,acts,opts,gopts] allows Grid options to be given to specify the layout of the buttons.


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Basic Examples  (2)

OK and Cancel buttons display in the standard order for the current computer system:

Specify an action to evaluate when the buttons are clicked:

Scope  (4)

Use custom labels:

Specify options for each button:

Specify options to the grid around the buttons:

Use the buttons to return from a dialog window:

Applications  (1)

A login dialog:

Properties & Relations  (1)

ChoiceDialog is a DialogInput with ChoiceButtons which return True and False:

Introduced in 2008