closes a dialog window, returning the expression expr from the dialog.


closes a dialog window, returning Null.



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Basic Examples  (2)

Put up a dialog window that returns 123 when the button is clicked:

DialogReturn[] returns Null:

Scope  (3)

Create a dialog input window that returns a user input:

Enter a string in the field and click Proceed to return the string:

This input puts up a dialog window and does not wait for a return value:

Typing in the dialog window dynamically changes name but has no immediate effect on res:

The kernel evaluates other inputs while the dialog window is open:

After the Proceed button is clicked, the effect of DialogReturn[res=name] can be seen:

Return different values, depending which button is clicked:

Properties & Relations  (3)

This uses DialogReturn[] to return from the dialog notebook:

DefaultButton[] can be used instead of an explicit DialogReturn[]:

CancelButton[] implicitly uses DialogReturn[$Canceled]:

Introduced in 2007