WL (.wl, .m)

Background & Context

    • MIME type: application/vnd.wolfram.wl, application/vnd.wolfram.mathematica.package
    • Wolfram Language package source format.
    • Used for storing and exchanging Wolfram Language programs, packages and data.
    • Plain ASCII text format.
    • Stores Wolfram Language expressions in InputForm.
    • Can represent program code, numerical and textual data, 2D raster and vector images, 3D geometries, sound and other kinds of data.
    • Developed since 1988 by Wolfram Research.

Import & Export

  • Import["file.wl"] reads in a Wolfram Language package, evaluating each expression in it and returning the last one.
  • Export["file.wl",expr] exports a single expression to a package source file.
  • The Wolfram Language always uses CharacterEncoding->"ASCII" for package source files.
  • Import["file.wl",elem] imports the specified element from a package source file.
  • Import["file.wl",{elem,suba,subb,}] imports a subelement.
  • Import["file.wl",{{elem1,elem2,}}] imports multiple elements.
  • The import format can be specified with Import["file","WL"] or Import["file",{"Package",elem,}].
  • Import["file.wl"] is equivalent to Get["file.m"].
  • Export["file.wl",expr,elem] creates a Wolfram Language source file by treating expr as specifying element elem.
  • Export["file.wl",{expr1,expr2,},{{elem1,elem2,}}] treats each expri as specifying the corresponding elemi.
  • Export["file.wl",expr,opt1->val1,] exports expr with the specified option elements taken to have the specified values.
  • Export["file.wl",{elem1->expr1,elem2->expr2,},"Rules"] uses rules to specify the elements to be exported.
  • Put[expr1,expr2,,"file.wl"] can be used to export multiple expressions.
  • See the reference pages for full general information on Import and Export.
  • ImportString and ExportString support the WL format.

Notebook Interface

  • In the notebook front end, Save As can be used to export a notebook as a Wolfram Language package.

Import Elements

  • General Import elements:
  • "Elements"list of elements and options available in this file
    "Rules"full list of rules for each element and option
    "Options"list of rules for options, properties and settings
  • Import elements:
  • "ExpressionList"evaluates all expressions and returns the results as a list
    "Get"reads and evaluates all expressions, returning the last one
    "HeldExpressions"list of unevaluated expressions
    "InactivatedExpressions"list of inactivated expressions
    "Comments"code comments
  • Import by default uses the "Get" element for Wolfram Language package files.



Basic Examples  (3)

Show the Import elements available in a sample file:

Import unevaluated expressions from this file:

Import all expressions and run them through Inactivate:

Import only the first expression from the package in Inactive form:

Export an arbitrary expression to the package format:

Import the previous output: