Acoustic PDEs and Boundary Conditions

Acoustics is the field of physics that models sound by changes in pressure. Two approaches to model acoustic systems are common: one approach is to model acoustics in the time domain and the other is to model in the frequency domain.


AcousticPDEComponent model acoustics in the time or frequency domain

AcousticAbsorbingValue truncate an infinite region to a finite one

AcousticImpedanceValue model partially sound-transparent boundary

AcousticNormalVelocityValue model sound sources on the boundary

AcousticPressureCondition set a pressure source at the boundary

AcousticRadiationValue model sound sources and sinks on the boundary

AcousticSoundHardValue model an acoustic wall on the boundary

AcousticSoundSoftCondition set pressure equal to the ambient reference pressure


Acoustics in the Time Domain monograph about modeling acoustics in the time domain

Acoustics in the Frequency Domain monograph about modeling acoustics in the frequency domain


Acoustic Cloak model an acoustic cloak

Acoustic Horn model an acoustic horn

Acoustic Mirror model an acoustic mirror

Acoustic Muffler model an acoustic muffler

Acoustic Wave Diffraction model acoustic wave diffraction

Electric Motor Noise Analysis analyze motor noise

Helmholtz Resonator compute and hear resonance frequencies of a bottle

Room Eigenfrequencies compute room eigenmodes

Models Overview

Comparative overview of the acoustic models.

More examples for boundary conditions can be found on the respective reference pages.