Finite Element Method

The finite element method is a numerical method to solve differential equations over arbitrary-shaped domains. The finite element method is implemented in NDSolve as a spacial discretization method, and the primary usage of the finite element method is through NDSolve. Furthermore, interfaces to low-level finite element functionality are provided.

NDSolve numerically solve differential equations

NIntegrate numerically integrate

NDEigensystem numerically compute differential eigenvalues and eigenvectors

Mesh Generation

ToBoundaryMesh convert various input to a boundary mesh

ToElementMesh convert various input to a full mesh

ElementMesh a mesh data structure

PointElement  ▪  LineElement  ▪  TriangleElement  ▪  QuadElement  ▪  TetrahedronElement  ▪  HexahedronElement


InitializePDECoefficients initialize partial differential equation coefficients

InitializeBoundaryConditions initialize boundary conditions

InitializePDEMethodData initialize partial differential equation method data

PDECoefficientData  ▪  BoundaryConditionData  ▪  FEMMethodData


DiscretizePDE discretize initialized partial differential equations

DiscretizeBoundaryConditions discretize initialized boundary conditions

DiscretizedPDEData  ▪  DiscretizedBoundaryConditionData


DeployBoundaryConditions deploy discretized boundary conditions into discretized partial differential equations

LinearSolve solve linear systems of equations

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