Heat Transfer PDEs and Boundary Conditions

Heat transfer is a discipline of thermal engineering that is concerned with the movement of energy. The driving force behind a heat transfer is temperature differences.


HeatTransferPDEComponent model conservative and non-conservative heat transfer

HeatFluxValue model heat flow through a boundary

HeatInsulationValue model thermal insulation

HeatOutflowValue model a heat outlet

HeatRadiationValue model heating or cooling through radiation

HeatSymmetryValue model a boundary with mirror symmetry

HeatTemperatureCondition set a specific temperature on the boundary

HeatTransferValue model a cooling or heating flow


Heat Transfer monograph about modeling heat transfer

Heat Transfer Model Verification test suite with heat transfer model verification


Buoyancy Driven Flow model a flow induced by a temperature difference

Disk Brake model heat in a disk brake

Heat Exchanger model a heat exchanger

Joule Heating model Joule heating

Laser Welding model laser welding

Multilayer Sphere model heat transfer in a multi-material sphere

Shrink Fitting model shrink fitting

Thermal Load model the effect of temperature on a structure

Tubular Reactor model the effect of temperature on a structure

Models Overview

Comparative overview of the heat transfer models.

More examples for boundary conditions can be found on the respective reference pages.