picks out all dates datei of a list for which crit[datei] is True.


returns all dates within the DateInterval int for which crit[datei] is True.


represents an operator form of DateSelect that can be applied to an expression.


  • DateSelect is typically used to filter out dates that satisfy a criterion, such as falling in a specific month or day of the week.
  • In DateSelect[list,crit], crit is a Boolean expression, typically composed of date element tests, such as #Month==8 or #DayName==Monday.
  • DateSelect supports all date elements available in DateValue, including "Year", "Month", "DayName" and "Week", expressed as a named Slot such as #Year, #Month, etc.
  • For DateInterval inputs, DateSelect returns a list of dates using the calendar granularity specified by the interval.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Select all dates in May within a given list of dates:

Get all dates within the 8th week of the year:

Get all Wednesdays within a given date interval:

Select any instance of February 4, as well as all Thursdays within the given range:

Find the 4th day of each odd-numbered month:

Scope  (2)

Selection criteria are typically reference date elements using Slot expressions but may use any Boolean criteria:

DateSelect extracts element values without converting calendars or changing time zones:

The value of #Day is determined by the calendar associated with the input date:

The value of #Hour is checked without accounting for differences in time zones:

To select dates using a standardized time zone, first use TimeZoneConvert:

Applications  (1)

DateSelect can be used for scheduling purposes, picking out dates that match a given pattern, such as the first Monday in any given month:

Properties & Relations  (1)

DateSelect[dates,crit] is equivalent to Select[dates,DateValue[#,elem]==value&]

Possible Issues  (1)

Not all calendars include all elements as selection criteria:

Dates may be converted to a different calendar prior to selection using CalendarConvert:

Neat Examples  (3)

On the Gregorian calendar, the 13th day of the month is a Friday more frequently than any other day of the week:

Create a criterion for US presidential elections (first Tuesday after the first Monday in November every 4 years):

Use the criterion to find all presidential election days in a 20-year period:

A Gregorian century never begins on a Sunday, regardless of whether it starts on year 1 or year zero:

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