"SparseArray" (Compiled Type)


represents a sparse array composite type with elements of specified type and rank.


  • "SparseArray" can be used in Typed and related constructs to specify a type.


  • With "SparseArray"::[type, rank], unspecified values are always taken to be zero and rank can only be 1 or 2.

Expression Conversions

    From Expressions

  • SparseArray expressions can be converted into compiled code elements with types created with "SparseArray".
  • To Expressions

  • Compiled code elements with types created with "SparseArray" can be converted into SparseArray expressions.


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Basic Examples  (1)

"SparseArray" can be used as an input and output from a CompiledCodeFunction:

Scope  (1)

SparseArray properties may be used within CompiledCodeFunction:

This is equivalent to the "Density" property:

The function uses real arithmetic so that it works even when the total number of elements is too large for a machine-sized integer:

Neat Examples  (1)

Compute a power series of a sparse matrix:

This is equivalent to computing the square of a matrix:

Generate coefficients of the exponential function and use them to compute a matrix exponential:

The MatrixExp function is a better way to compute the exponential, but the power series result was close: