"NumericArray" (Compiled Type)


represents a numeric array composite type with elements of specified type and rank.


  • "NumericArray" can be used in Typed and related constructs to specify a type.

Expression Conversions

    From Expressions

  • NumericArray expressions can be converted into compiled code elements with types created with "NumericArray".
  • To Expressions

  • Compiled code elements with types created with "NumericArray" can be converted into NumericArray expressions.

Runtime Errors


  • Elements with types constructed from "NumericArray" can give a runtime error if used in an operation that extracts parts.


Basic Examples  (2)

"NumericArray" can be used as an input and output from a CompiledCodeFunction.

Part access can cause an error while running the function. The computation is terminated, a message is issued and the Wolfram Engine is used to compute the result: