"ComplexReal64" (Compiled Type)


represents a complex number with IEEE doubleprecision real and imaginary parts atomic type specifier.


  • "ComplexReal64" can be used in Typed and related constructs to specify a type.
  • "Complex128" and "ComplexReal64" describe the same type.


  • The real and imaginary values held by "ComplexReal64" range from -16^^.FFFFFFFFFFFFF8*^256 to 16^^.FFFFFFFFFFFFF8*^256.


    From Expressions

  • Suitably sized Complex expressions with real and imaginary parts that are Real can be converted into compiled elements with the type "ComplexReal64".
  • To Expressions

  • Compiled elements with the type "ComplexReal64" can be converted into Complex expressions with Real real and imaginary parts.
  • Arithmetic

  • Integers and reals are automatically promoted to "ComplexReal64" elements when they are combined in binary arithmetic operations.

Runtime Errors


  • "ComplexReal64" can give a runtime error if it is used in an operation that overflows.


Basic Examples  (2)

"ComplexReal64" can be used as an input and output from a CompiledCodeFunction:

An overflow causes an error while running the function. The computation is terminated, a message is issued and the Wolfram Engine is used to compute the result: