is an option for cells and notebooks that specifies whether matching delimiters are automatically inserted when typing Wolfram Language code.


  • DelimiterAutoMatchingTrue causes the typing of certain open delimiters to automatically insert the corresponding closing delimiter after the text caret in affected cells. This setting also causes the typing of a closing delimiter to type through an existing closing delimiter as if you had pressed the right arrow key.
  • Delimiter auto-matching is turned on by default in the Input and Code styles. The option may be toggled globally from the Interface pane of the Preferences dialog.
  • The supported open delimiters and the matched closing delimiters include:
  • []brackets
    [[]]Part brackets
    {}List braces
    (**)comment delimiters
    ""string quotes
    <||>Association delimiters
  • DelimiterAutoMatching is only effective in BoxData cells.
  • DelimiterAutoMatching uses heuristics to determine whether it would make sense to auto-match a delimiter in a given context. The heuristics used include:
  • Never auto-match inside of a string.
    Never auto-match if it appears that you are trying to wrap delimiters around an expression.
    Never auto-match or type through if all delimiters in the cell are not matched.
  • DelimiterAutoMatching only triggers if you have an empty text caret selection.


Basic Examples  (1)

Typing into the cell demonstrates the auto-matching behavior:

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