Automatic Text Styling Features

The Wolfram Language uses its knowledge of the symbolic structure of your input to display it with semantics-directed syntax coloring and other forms of styling. You can use options to control the details of this behavior, either programmatically or through the Preferences dialog.

Preferences Appearance set details of syntax coloring

ShowAutoStyles whether to display syntax coloring and other automatic styling

ShowAutoSpellCheck whether to highlight spelling errors

TranslationOptions control the appearance of code translations

CodeAssistOptions control autocompletion and other code assistance features

AutoOperatorRenderings automatic renderings for operator strings

Preferences Evaluation formatting of numbers (digit blocks, default precision, etc.)

AutoMultiplicationSymbol when to display × for number multiplication

ShowStringCharacters whether to display quotes around strings

ShowSpecialCharacters whether to turn \[] sequences into special characters

DelimiterAutoMatching whether to match delimiters as they are typed

InputAliases definitions for arbitrary aliases

InputAutoReplacements automatic character sequence replacements to do

AutoItalicWords words to automatically make italic

SingleLetterItalics whether to make single-letter mathematical variables italic

AutoIndent whether to add an indent after a newline is entered

TabSpacings  ▪  TabFilling

DelimiterFlashTime how long to flash matching delimiters

ShowCursorTracker whether to display a real-time spot if the cursor jumps