is an option for cells that specifies settings for controlling code input assistance features, including autocompletion, function template insertion, and mouseover behaviors for code.


  • The typical usage is CodeAssistOptions->{opt1->val1,opt2->val2,}.
  • The following suboptions can be specified:
  • "AttachedBrowserEnable"Truewhether to offer contextual UI elements like color choosers when typing Wolfram Language expressions
    "AutoConvertEnable"Truewhether to offer to convert expressions that do not look like code to other forms
    "AutoPopupDelay"0.0delay in seconds before the autocompletion popup appears
    "AutoPopupEnable"Truewhether autocompletion popup elements appear automatically when typing
    "DynamicHighlighting"Truewhether to highlight function heads and brackets based on the cursor position
    "FileCompleteEnable"Truewhether to offer filename completions when typing string arguments of appropriate functions
    "FloatingElementDelay"0.3delay in seconds after the mouse has stopped moving before displaying floating interface elements over Wolfram Language code
    "FloatingElementEnable"Truewhether to show floating interface elements when mousing over Wolfram Language code
    "HeadHighlightStyle"{Background}style in which to highlight heads when "DynamicHighlighting" is enabled
    "MatchHighlightStyle"{Background}style in which to highlight matching delimiters when "DynamicHighlighting" is enabled
    "MaxGlobalMatches"5the maximum number of completions to display by default
    "MinimalSize"2the minimum number of characters in a symbol name that must be typed before an automatic completion occurs
    "StringCompleteEnable"Truewhether to complete string arguments of supported functions


Basic Examples  (1)

Normally, output cells support mouseover features and dynamic highlighting when selected:

Create an output cell with mouseovers and dynamic highlighting disabled:

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