returns a new AudioStream object and starts to record from the default input audio device.


records from the input audio device inputdev.


starts recording an AudioStream object astream that is connected to an input device.

Details and Options

  • AudioRecord can be used to perform programmatic audio capture from any input audio device.
  • The inputdev can be any device available in $AudioInputDevices.
  • With multiple streams connected to the same device, only one stream can record at a given time.
  • Use AudioPause or AudioStop to pause or stop the recording.
  • Audio[astream] returns an Audio object including all the captured data available in astream.
  • The following options can be given:
  • MaxDurationmaximum duration of recording
    MethodAutomaticmethod settings to use
  • AudioRecord records until the stream is paused or stopped. Use MaxDuration->dur to record for the specified duration dur.
  • By default, the recorded audio is placed under the "Audio" directory in $WolframDocumentsDirectory.
  • Use Method->{"StorageLocation"->loc} to specify the location of the generated signal. Possible settings for loc include:
  • Automatican audio object linking to a file with automatically generated name
    filean audio object linking to file
    "Memory"an in-memory audio object


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create an input stream and start recording:

Stop the recording:

Create an audio object from the recorded stream:

Scope  (3)

Create an input stream and start recording from a specific device:

Stop the recording:

Start the recording of an existing AudioStream:

Stop the recording:

AudioPause keeps the information about the recording position and the data:

AudioStop resets the recording:

Options  (2)

MaxDuration  (1)

Use MaxDuration to set the maximum duration of the recording:

Method  (1)

Use the Method option to control the storage location for the recording:

If "Memory" is specified, an in-core Audio object is created:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Unlike AudioCapture, AudioRecord does not block the kernel:

Possible Issues  (1)

Only a single stream can record from a specific device at any time:

Stop the first recording and try again:

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