connects a series of NetChain objects to form a single NetChain.


  • The output of chaini should be compatible with the input of chaini+1.
  • Any NetEncoder or NetDecoder objects will be removed unless they occur on the first or last layer of the resulting chain and no corresponding "port"->spec is given.
  • If any of the chaini were constructed from named layers, then all the chains must be so constructed.
  • NetJoin[chain1,chain2,,"port"->spec,] can be used to specify types for the input and/or output of the resulting NetChain, using the normal type specifications allowed by NetChain. The new port specifications will replace any existing NetEncoder, NetDecoder or type.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Join two chains:

Join two chains constructed of named layers:

Scope  (1)

Join two chains and provide input and output types:

Possible Issues  (2)

The output of the final layer in each chain should be compatible with the input of the first layer in the next chain:

All named layers must have unique names:

Introduced in 2018