takes only those layers up to end in a NetChain or NetGraph.


takes only those layers between start and end in a NetChain or NetGraph.


  • The following forms can be used for start and end:
  • n,"layer"a specified layer
    NetPort[{layer,"port"}]the specified input or output port of a layer
    NetPort["port"]an input or output port of the entire graph
    Allall of the inputs or outputs of the graph
    {spec1,spec2,}the union of the speci
  • NetTake[net,spec,"port1"->spec1,] can be used to give types for the input and/or output of the resulting NetChain or NetGraph, using the normal type specifications those functions allow. The new port specifications will replace any existing NetEncoder, NetDecoder or type.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Take the first two layers of a chain:

Take layers 2 through 4:

Create a net with two outputs:

Use NetTake to obtain a subnet that computes only one of the outputs:

Scope  (1)

Add a new NetDecoder while taking layers:

Introduced in 2018