gives a net in which all layers matching patt are replaced with layer.


performs all replacements specified by the rulei.

Details and Options

  • The patterns can be either expressions that match a specific net head, such as _ElementwiseLayer, or literal layers, such as ElementwiseLayer[Ramp].
  • When a literal layer is matched, all user-provided parameters must match exactly. Input and output dimensions need not match.
  • Layers will be matched at any depth in the original net.
  • If the replacement value is Nothing, the corresponding layer of the net will be dropped.
  • If no replacements are performed, a message will be issued and the original net will be returned.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Replace all layers of a specified type with a different layer:

Replace all layers matching a specified type and parameter settings with a new layer:

Remove all layers of a specified type:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Replacing a layer with a NetChain will collapse the chain into any parent chain:

Possible Issues  (1)

If no pattern matches occur, a message will be given:

Introduced in 2018