deletes the n^(th) layer from a NetChain or NetGraph.


deletes a named layer.


deletes several layers simultaneously.


  • Layers can only be deleted from a chain or graph if their inputs and outputs are the same size, or if they are at the periphery of the network.
  • For NetDrop[chain,{start,end}], the start and end can be given as an integer n, which specifies the n^(th) layer, or "name", which specifies a named layer in a NetChain that was constructed using <|"name"->layer,|>.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Delete a layer from a chain:

Scope  (3)

Delete a layer from a chain, specifying the layer by name:

Delete a layer from a graph:

Delete multiple layers from a chain:

Possible Issues  (1)

If the layer being deleted is in the interior of a chain or graph, it must have exactly one input and output, which must be the same shape:

Introduced in 2018