Geometric Operations

Geometric operations applied to images are typically used to transform an image and align it with another image for reconstruction or comparison, to line up features for stitching or to simply create an effect such as morphing.  The Wolfram Language supports basic as well as highly sophisticated functions for manipulating image geometry, including state-of-the-art image transformation discovery capabilities.

Basic Geometric Operations

ImageCrop  ▪  ImageTake  ▪  ImageTrim  ▪  ImagePad

ImageResize  ▪  ImageRotate  ▪  ImageReflect

ImagePartition  ▪  ImageAssemble

General Geometric Transformations

ImageTransformation apply a transformation to the pixel positions

ImageForwardTransformation  ▪  ImagePerspectiveTransformation

Image Registration

ImageAlign register two images

ImageStitch stitch together a list of images

ImageDisplacements  ▪  ImageFeatureTrack  ▪  ImageCorrespondingPoints  ▪  FindGeometricTransform

ImageDistance compute various difference measures between two images

BorderDimensions dimensions of the constant frame around the image