Basic Image Manipulation

The Wolfram Language's symbolic architecture makes it possible to treat images just like any other form of expressionapplying functions to them, displaying and inputting them in notebooks, and including them directly in programs. The Wolfram Language provides a streamlined collection of functions for basic image manipulation, fully integrated with more advanced processing and its overall language and interactive capabilities.

Structural Operations

ImageCrop crop to a given size or remove boundaries

ImageTrim remove the boundaries to include specified pixels

ImagePad pad an image using various possible methods

ImageTake take rows and columns of pixels in an image

BorderDimensions use various methods to find borders on an image

Geometric Operations »

ImageResize, Thumbnail resize an image by resampling its raster

ImageRotate  ▪  ImageReflect

Image Composition »

ImageCompose  ▪  ImageAssemble  ▪  ImageCollage  ▪  ...

ImageAdd  ▪  ImageSubtract  ▪  ImageMultiply  ▪  ...

Basic Image Processing

ImageAdjust adjust levels, brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.

ImageClip, Threshold clip and chop pixel values

ImageEffect special image and photographic effects

ImageRestyle machine learning-based graphical style transfer

Sharpen  ▪  Blur  ▪  Lighter  ▪  Darker

ImagePartition  ▪  ImageAssemble

Alpha Channel Processing

AlphaChannel the alpha channel of an image

SetAlphaChannel  ▪  RemoveAlphaChannel

ImageCompose alpha compositing

Pixel Operations

ImageValue, PixelValue get the value of a pixel at the specified position

ReplaceImageValue, ReplacePixelValue set value of pixels at specified positions

ImageValuePositions, PixelValuePositions get pixel positions of a specified value

ImageApply, ImageApplyIndexed apply an arbitrary function to each pixel value

ImageScan scan over every pixel of an image, applying a function

Array-Level Manipulation »

ImageData extract the raw data array for an image

Take  ▪  Drop  ▪  Transpose  ▪  Clip  ▪  Chop  ▪  Threshold  ▪  ArrayFlatten  ▪  ...