Image Composition

The Wolfram Language includes various image compositing and digital composition techniques, from simple image arithmetic to various modes of alpha compositing. A variety of algorithms in the fields of segmentation, filtering, and feature extraction are also built into the Wolfram Language and can be used to generate different layers of composition.

Basic Image Composition

Blend blend two or more images

ImageCompose create an image composite

ImageAdd  ▪  ImageSubtract  ▪  ImageMultiply  ▪  ImageDifference

Image Highlighting

HighlightImage highlight a region of interest in an image

ImageMarker marker to indicate a coordinate

Collage Creation

ImageCollage create an image collage

WordCloud create a word cloud of expressions

ImageAssemble  ▪  ImagePartition

Image Stacking

ImageAlign align a stack of images

ImageApply combine multiple images using a general function

ImageExposureCombine  ▪  ImageFocusCombine

Foreground/Background Separation »

RemoveBackground detect and replace image background with transparency

Binarize  ▪  ChanVeseBinarize  ▪  RegionBinarize  ▪  ...