is a HighlightImage specification that represents a marker at position pos.


represents a custom marker at position pos.


represents multiple marker positions posi.


  • The following marker specifications can be used:
  • imagean Image object
    graphicsa Graphics object
    exprany arbitrary expression expr
    "shape"a known named marker "shape"
  • Supported known shapes "shape" include:
  • "Arrow"a downward arrow pointing to pos
    "Circle"an empty circle centered at pos
    "CircleBullet"a circle bullet centered at pos
    "Cross"a cross centered at pos
    "GrayPoint"a gray square centered at pos
    "OpenCross"an open cross centered at pos
    "Point"a framed square point centered at pos
    "Star"a star centered at pos
  • Positions posi can be specified by:
  • {x,y}ordinary coordinates in a plot
    Scaled[{x,y},]scaled coordinates from 0 to 1
    ImageScaled[{x,y},]scaled coordinates from 0 to 1 across a whole image
    Offset[{dx,dy},]absolute offset in printer's points
    Center, etc.{Center,Center} etc.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Highlight image corners as cross-shaped markers:

Specify the marker shape:

Applications  (1)

Use a custom arrow marker to highlight the scale and orientation of the image keypoints:

Extract positions, directions and scales of keypoints:

Highlight with arrows on the image:

Neat Examples  (1)

Create an effect inspired by Magritte's The Son of Man:

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