gives the pixel width of uniform borders of image in the form {{left,right},{bottom,top}}.


finds borders whose pixels vary by an amount less than t.

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Background & Context

  • BorderDimensions computes the constant or semi-uniform border or frame around a 2D or 3D image and returns them as an array of integer values of the form {{left,right},{bottom,top}} (for an Image) or {{left,right},{bottom,top},{bottom,top}} (for an Image3D). With an optional second argument, BorderDimensions finds borders whose pixels vary by an amount less than a given threshold.
  • Border dimensions of a uniform image are considered zero.
  • ImagePad can be used to remove the detected border from an image. ImageCrop is another function that can be used to crop an almost-uniform border. However, unlike BorderDimensions, ImageCrop does not allow specification of a variance threshold.


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Find the pixel dimensions of the black margins:

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Introduced in 2010
Updated in 2012