represents a load derivative term with load derivative coefficient and model variables vars.


uses model parameters pars.


  • A load derivative is typically used to model derivatives of a source or sink.
  • Computing a derivative with a source derivative coefficient is the process of adding the derivative of a source in a model by:
  • DerivativePDETerm returns a differential operators term to be used as a part of partial differential equations:
  • DerivativePDETerm can be used to model derivatives in equations with dependent variable , independent variables and time variable .
  • Stationary model variables vars are vars={u[x1,,xn],{x1,,xn}}.
  • Time-dependent model variables vars are vars={u[t,x1,,xn],{x1,,xn}} or vars={u[t,x1,,xn],t,{x1,,xn}}.
  • The source derivative term in context with other PDE terms is given by:
  • The coefficient affects the meaning of NeumannValue.
  • The source derivative coefficient has the following form:
  • {γ1,,γn}{gamma_(1),...,gamma_(n)}vector
  • For a system of PDEs with dependent variables {u1,,um}, the load derivative represents:
  • The derivative term in context systems of PDE terms:
  • The load derivative coefficient is a tensor of rank 3 of the form where each subvector is a vector of length that is specified in the same way as for a single dependent variable.
  • The load derivative coefficient can depend on time, space, parameters and the dependent variables.
  • All quantities that do not explicitly depend on the independent variables given are taken to have zero partial derivative.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Define a time-independent derivative term:

Activate the derivative term:

Define a time-dependent derivative term:

Solve a diffusion equation with a nonlinear derivative term and a source term:

Visualize the result:

Scope  (6)

Define a symbolic derivative term:

Define a 2D stationary derivative term:

Define a derivative with multiple dependent variables:

Define a nonlinear derivative with multiple dependent variables:

The DerivativePDETerm can be used to compute the derivative of a differential equation component. Set up variables, a region and a boundary condition:

Set up a term for which the derivative is needed in the differential equation:

Solve the equation:

Solve the equation while explicitly computing the derivative of the term:

Show that the solutions are identical up to numerical precision:

Set up a system of derivative terms with DerivativePDETerm:

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