is a global front end option that specifies whether settings on $FrontEnd should be sandboxed to specific versions of the Wolfram System.


  • With the default setting of VersionedPreferences->False, the front end typically stores any settings made to $FrontEnd into a file "FrontEnd/init.m" located in $UserBaseDirectory. This file is shared between all front ends, regardless of version.
  • If VersionedPreferences->True is given, then the preferences are written to a filename decorated with the Wolfram System version number, such as "FrontEnd/12.0_init.m". Changes made in one version of the front end will therefore not affect other versions that have a different $VersionNumber.
  • If the preferences are versioned, but no decorated file matching the front end's version exists, then the front end will start with clean preferences.
  • Versions of the front end that only differ in $ReleaseNumber will share preferences.


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Introduced in 2020